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Memory Makers

Fashions, trends, styles. They come and go and are often short-lived. Only some concepts stay. Because they are bigger than the times. Because they mean something.  A rocking horse is exactly that: a timeless toy that has lost none of its fascination in over 170 years. We work hard every day to craft, develop and produce true lasting beauty.

Pete Rix Carving A Rocking Horse

Rix & Co. Rocking Horses was founded in 2015 by Pete Rix. Pete has been carving since the age of 14 and over the years Pete developed his skills in sculpture and traditional woodcarving and, in doing so, has developed a true passion for these wonderful and timeless toys as well as sharing his knowledge to hundreds of people through his wood carving courses. Pete has had the great privilege of being taught by some of the best carvers and sculptures in the world including Master Carver Mike Painter and portrait sculpture Philippe Faraut.

Our most popular rocking horses

Oak Rocking Horse


Oak Horse & Stand

Crafted from the finest British Oak and only his points have been painted to emphasise the true beauty of the grain.


Prices from:



Rocking Donkey

Looking for something a little different? Quality oak construction and removable tack, finished in a colour of your choice...


Prices from:



Traditional Light Dapple

Our twist on a traditional dapple grey rocking horse. Subtle markings and a sympathetic friendly face...


Prices from:

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