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New Rocking Horses

The finest British craftsmanship



Fully Bespoke

Replicate your horse down to every detail, from the colour and markings and even the tack...


Prices from:



Traditional Light Dapple

Our twist on a traditional dapple grey rocking horse. Subtle markings and a sympathetic friendly face...


Prices from:



23ct Gold Edition Unicorn

This beautiful unicorn is painted in pearlescent glittering paint with 24ct gold leaf hooves and horn...


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Special Edition

Ever dreamed of being a highwayman or even Poldark? A bag of swag and flintlock pistol complete this horse.


Prices from:

003 Rix & Co Rocking Horse Makers 288A11


Dark Dapple

Steel grey rocking horse for those who want something a little different. Hand stitched black tack and grey hair...


Prices from:



Rocking Donkey

Looking for something a little different? Quality oak construction and removable tack, finished in a colour of your choice...


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Oak Rocking Horse


Oak Horse & Stand

Crafted from the finest British Oak and only his points have been painted to emphasise the true beauty of the grain.


Prices from:

004 Rixandco Rocking Horses GN100600.JPG


Platinum Edition Unicorn

This beautiful horse is mounted on a solid oak stand and represents the finest of British craftsmanship...


Prices from:

Bow Rocking Horse


Oak Bow Rocker

The most traditional of rocking horses in our range, mounted on a solid oak bow rocker stand...


Prices from:

Our horses

Every rocking horse we produce is a one off commission, built to your specifications. We do carry a limited stock of our most popular models so please be sure to call us. We pride ourselves on creating your new horse to the highest standards possible. 

New rocking horses


Traditional wood carving techniques are used to produce all our horses. We pride ourselves on the quality of our carving which gives every horse realism and endearing character. 

Rocking horse materials


We produce our horses in a variety of hard woods, all sourced from sustainable and responsible sources.

Popular timbers include; oak, tulipwood, walnut and ash.  

Rocking horse finishes


The finish of your horse is a very personal choice, be it a traditional dapple grey finish or a more contemporary or realistic appearance.  All products used in our finishing process are hard wearing, non toxic and child safe.


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